Sexually Loving You

The art of love making is a very sensual and pleasurable experience for humans when done right. Real intimacy makes us feel wanted and desired like there is no one else out there for me BUT you. There is almost a sense of “I’ve made it” when your partner experiences the sensitivity of your skin next to theirs as you embark on a climatic experience. It is just you and me baby and that is all that matters, right?

Not always unfortunately. The truth is all too often once the act of sexual intercourse is over; those feelings of being wanted and desired seem to fizzle away. We become so busy with our day to day lives that so many times we see our partners as sexual objects and not our love partners. We just want to get down to the “business” and then go to sleep once it is all said and done. All too often this may leave our partners feeling empty and unappreciated.

However, experiencing pure sexual intimacy goes beyond the actual act of intercourse. It is about learning to appreciate and love the person you are with no matter how big or small they are. To sexually love your partner is to love them for every perfect thing and every flaw they may have. You love your mate from the inside out and not the other way around. Real intimacy is unconditional and forgiving. It does not hurt your partner but promotes essential healing throughout one’s being. When intimacy is felt throughout your partner’s being, there are no mountains or hills that cannot be climbed as your partner knows that the two of you are totally connected in mind and body.

So you might ask “why should I love my partner from the inside out?” Simply put it makes your partner feel secure in the relationship. Your partner knows that they have what it takes to keep you satisfied. This level of security and satisfaction helps to add a new dimension of trust within the relationship as you bare it all when your bodies are connected. Basically you feel a sense of commitment to each other.

So if you have not appreciated your mate today rather than saying let’s get to the “business” try telling them how you feel about them. Make your partner feel special by giving them a nice back rub or putting on that special perfume (cologne) that drives them wild. Better yet make them a love card or write a poem letting them know how much you love their being from the inside out. Then you will learn to sexually love your partner and get down to the “business.” Learn to love your affair with YOUR mate and not with someone else’s.

April Lisbon-Peoples is a relationship coach who enjoys inspiring her clients to find the relationship they deserve. She is the founder and CEO of Running Your Race, a coaching practice designed for individuals and couples who are ready to awaken their creative visions for their present relationship or a relationship they desire to have.

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